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The Whenever I Feel Like It Update

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10/3/01 - Put up Snow by Innocence Mission, remixed by Gus Gus. I think this is my favorite Gus Gus song to date. Just to give you an idea of Gus Gus's general superiority: Innocence Mission is a canadian folk band, just about as far from techno or electronica as you can get. I know, because I was looking online for more songs like this one. From what I can tell, Gus Gus just sampled one or two refrains from a folk saong and made an excellent ambient piece. Brilliant, just brilliant!

Link for the day: Fravia+'s Fortress
Fravia is a leader in the world of computer self-empowerment. If you have any experience with programming or are just curious about how things work on the web, you MUST look at this site. His site used to be all about software reverse engineering, which is how to look at the raw assembly of a program and modify it so the program registers itself. Recently, fravia+ has taken his site in a new direction, focusing on how to find information hidden on the web. (The reversing essays are still there too, you just have to search for them :).
Includes priceless essays on everything related to internet self defence and user empowerment. I only wish i had the skills needed to join the HCU+...

10/16/01 - I have a confession to make. BeforeI left the dorms last year, i downloaded a whole bunch of techno, probably a gig or so. To this day I haven't listened to most of it! I know, I know, its bad, but sometimes time just slips through your fingers. Now that I'm recomending techno music, I guess I should really listen to it...
Bare with me while I catch up :)
Today's song I picked almost at random from my list of favorites. It's a good canidate-- a very good song that's relatively unheard of. Let me say its name and stand back: its Sound Check by the Gorillaz.
I find that people are very polarized when it comes to the Gorillaz. By now, everyone has heard Clint Eastwood and had a chance to form their opinoins. To all those who like it, give the album a shot. The Gorillaz are really unique. They blend alot of genres in their music.
Opps, meant to insert a short rant about the gorillaz here, but I have to go to bed soon. I'll summerize: The Gorillaz aren't a real band at all. It was all a kooky idea started by a former member of Blur (a very good rock band btw) to have a totally animated band. Grr, im no english major. Next week ill cut and paste the article :-P.

Link for the day: Slime Volleyball:
Watch out, this game is addictive. It will eat all your time. Really, this programmer is my idol, I wish I could make something half as cool.
Can you beat Master Slime? How about Psycho Slime?

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